Uzbekistan, the ancient Maverennahr, the crowd of many people and the center of many empires are probably the most charming of the Central Asian republics. Uzbekistan is a treasure trove of architectural monuments, the center of the oldest cities, one of the best centers of the Legendary Silk Road.

The Great Silk Road. The Trans-Asian highway, which once played a leading role in the interaction of the cultures of East and West. This path Uzbekistan appears as a kind of knot, where the largest art cultures on the Asian continent crossed. The values left to us by his masters are incalculable: gold treasures of the Amu Darya, Varakhshi frescoes, Samanid silver, Afrasiab ceramics, Medieval miniatures, jewelry of Bukhara ... They can be seen in the Louvre and the Hermitage, London and the museums of Berlin.

Tours to Uzbekistan - getting acquainted with the country that gave the world the tourist pearls of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. Choosing one of the cultural tours, you can get acquainted with the monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List: the fortress of Ichan-Kala, the historical center of Bukhara and others. In Nukus, "one of the best museums in the world" is waiting for you according to the version of the English newspaper "Guardian" - Savitsky Museum.


In the cities of Uzbekistan you can see the ancient quarters, where the architectural appearance and way of life have not changed for centuries. Here you lose the sense of time and are transferred to the eastern fairy tale, where you can walk for hours on the maze of narrow streets and suddenly go out to the flowering garden or the oriental bazaar.

The nature of Uzbekistan is very beautiful and diverse - here you can see endless deserts, fertile valleys and snow-capped mountains. Thus, traveling to Uzbekistan can be an excellent choice for lovers of ecological and active tourism.

Here you can taste real Uzbek pilaf that is cooked according to a recipe, which is more than a thousand years old. Hotels here do not cost extra money, and dinner in the restaurant will not ruin even the most hungry tourist. Here, flying a lot of direct flights from different countries.

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