Customs control at the entrance. On the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the activities of laws and regulations of Uzbekistan are subject to the tourist.

 At the entrance you need to fill out the customs declaration in two copies. It is important to specify the amount of each type of currency being moved, and also to indicate all valuables, including such expensive items as jewelry, electronics and photographic equipment. One copy of the customs declaration with the seal remains with the tourist. It is highly recommended to save it before departure, since it is allowed to export valuables and foreign currency from Uzbekistan only within the amount specified in the customs declaration upon entry. This copy of the customs declaration is provided at the request of customs officials when leaving the country.

 Import is prohibited:

 - pornographic and propagandizing the cult of violence or cruelty of products;

 - materials of religious content with a view to their dissemination;

 Import and export of medicinal products and medical products is allowed without state registration and without customs clearance, if they are intended for personal use by individuals during their stay in the country;

 - treatment of a patient living in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad, on the basis of a medical indication, confirmed by the medical institution, within the course of treatment.

   Customs control when leaving. When leaving, you must fill out one copy of the customs declaration. If the amount of the exported currency exceeds the amount imported under the declaration, it will be necessary to prove the source of the money (ATM receipt or any other banking documents). If the source can be proved, money will have to be left in Uzbekistan. The customs officer has the right to demand that the tourist show the currency in cash and verify the accuracy of the amount specified in the declaration.

   Export of objects relating to cultural values ​​is possible only after passing the examination. On the need to conduct an examination of cultural and art objects acquired during the period of stay in the Republic of Uzbekistan, you can check with the guide.

   Cultural values, created fifty or more years ago, are not subject to export from the Republic of Uzbekistan. Violators are waiting for a fine and confiscation of antiques.

   For safety reasons, it is prohibited to carry liquids (including perfumes and cosmetic creams), flammable and sharp objects (knives, scissors, nail files ...) onto the aircraft in hand luggage. All batteries, batteries (and also lighters and matches) must be handed in together with other luggage. On the personal inspection, all of the above is confiscated.

   You can find out more about customs regulations in the Republic of Uzbekistan from a guide or an employee of our company. If you do not comply with customs regulations when crossing the border of Uzbekistan, our company is not responsible for the actions of border and customs authorities.

   When leaving Uzbekistan, the validity period of the visa in the passport is critical. If it has expired before the day of departure, fines up to $ 3000 USD can be applied at the airport upon departure.