Uzbekistan is one of the safest countries in the world. Security in Uzbekistan for tourists, as well as for citizens of the country at the highest level. It is absolutely quiet and peaceful country for traveling alone or for family or group holidays, as here the safety of tourists on the territory of Uzbekistan is guaranteed by the state, and every tourist organization is fully responsible for the safety of its tourists, answering for them before the law. And then, security officers are fully responsible for all tourists coming and traveling around Uzbekistan. Therefore, going on a trip to Uzbekistan, be prepared for the fact that there are a lot of law enforcement officers in this country. You will notice this immediately upon arrival at the airport.
            To ensure the safety in Uzbekistan for tourists, baggage checks at airports and railway stations are carried out with special care. Some people may be concerned about this security measure, but this is done solely for the sake of peace and order of all those who enter and leave the country. If suddenly the security officers of the airport cause suspicion even the slightest detail in your behavior, in your luggage or hand luggage, in your answers to customs officers, etc., you will be thoroughly examined and questioned. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to the responsibilities of each tourist upon arrival in Uzbekistan, accurately fill in the declaration of imported things, medicines and other objects, proper declarations. To behave should be appropriate. We urge you to comply with all customs and border control rules when entering and leaving the country.
           Further on leaving the airport you will notice a large number of law enforcement officers who provide security in Uzbekistan for tourists and local residents in public congestion areas, whether they are metro stations, parks, shopping centers and bazaars, and just on the streets. You can stop on the street and ask for documents. If you have everything in order with the registration and the terms of stay in Uzbekistan, then you have nothing to worry about. In such cases, the NSS staff will simply wish you a "Good Ways". By the way, in Uzbekistan all police officers operate within the bounds of law and decency. Since in Uzbekistan, the dominant religion is Islam, then, for example, at the airport, if necessary, women are examined by a female NSC officer, respectively male - male.
              The issue of safety of personal property - in order to ensure security in Uzbekistan for tourists and their property, visitors are asked to independently monitor their valuable things, in case of need - to use safes in hotels and storage cells in the air and land ports of the country. Also, tourists are asked to be especially cautious in places of large crowds. After all, despite the presence of security officers, you are never 100% insured against thieves and scammers. Although, in truth, theft in Uzbekistan is very small. Whether this is because of the long and careful work of security services, or echoes of ancient times, when the custom to chop off the little finger for the first theft, the unnamed one for the second, and so on. Was taken from the Arabs by Uzbeks. Such a noticeable difference has always distinguished thieves among civilians and automatically alarmed citizens. Today, of course, these radical measures are not being taken, but the people are so "intimidated" that nobody wants to steal.
             Accordingly, the question: "Is it safe to travel around Uzbekistan?" Requires an unambiguous answer - it is very safe. But here there is a reservation! All guests of the country should also take care of their own security and personal property security, which means not going unguarded in the dark, leaving their belongings unattended, and being vigilant throughout the trip, along with the security service of Uzbekistan.