Holidays and Festivals in Usbekistan

                                                                                Sharq Taronalari                                                                                                                                                       

Immensely prestigious International musical festival "Sharq Taronalari" became very popular. For the first time, it has taken place in 1997 in Samarkand at the initiative of the head of state Islam Karimov.

The venue of a festival is chosen not haphazardly — taking into account the importance of Samarkand — the ancient center of the Great silk way and the keeper of creative heritage of the Uzbek people — not only for the region of Central Asia, but also other countries of the East and the West. Achievement of the first festival on which performers of conventional folk music from twenty nine countries competed and has surpassed all expectations, and the fifth International musical festival "Sharq Taronalari" which has taken place in August, 2005 has brought together the number of records of participants and audience from more, than fifty states. To the audience, the Russian group of masters of throat singing "Uran Hay" from the Altai Republic of Tiva, the performer of national songs Simara Imanova from Azerbaijan, musicians from China and India were remembered. All were subdued by the Uzbek performers of the most ancient national musical genre "poppy". One of the guests of the International musical festival "Sharq taronalari-2005", the famous French singer Sharl Aznavur, by his recognition, has learned "about a mysterious and unique pearl of the East" in the childhood from the play "We will go to Samarkand" read to them. Also, his dream is to see imperishable monuments of Samarkand and Bukhara has only now come true. Paying a tribute to loveliness, scale and realness of a musical holiday,he has noted that "by means of this nice international musical festival,  people of Uzbekistan brightly show the openness to the world, love to art, philanthrophy,peacefulness and hospitality                                                                                                                                                                   
The «Silk and Spices» festival in Bukhara
Annually, it takes place in Bukhara and there takes place the Silk and Spices festival which became the real site for development of national and application-oriented creativity and promotion of cultural heritage of the Uzbek people.The festival is intended to turn Bukhara into one of the superior centers of world tourism. For this purpose, as experts assure, there are great opportunities, an ancient city which was the largest center of world trade on the Great silk way since 1993 and it is included in the list of the world heritage of UNESCO. The sphere of tourism in Bukhara cultivates actively, with use for this purpose of different forms and the directions. One of such forms is also the Silk and Spices festival which was conceived 14 years ago as the embodiment of rich and multifaced heritage of the talented people of Uzbekistan.
The word "Silk" in the name of a festival is not only silk fabrics, it is also a diversity of all handicraft trade on the Great silk way. This embodiment of desire of the national masters is to show to the whole world the talents and beauties of the Uzbek national products. And the word "Spices" implies itself that the rich ethnic cuisine of the Uzbek people which cannot be provided without fragrant herbs and spices.Within the festival demonstrations of schools of the Bukhara miniature and the ceramics of the Gijduvan, the stamping masters of Bukhara and needlework, manual weaving of silk fabric will take place (to hiccup), a silk carpet, gold sewing and jewelry.The main actions of a festival will take place at the well-known architectural complex of Labi-house. Here, the fair of the national masters from all regions of Uzbekistan, and also from the republics Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan will be torn. Arrival of handicraftsmen from Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany and other countries is expected.
At the festival, bright palette of national suits, dances will be provided, and, above all, foreign guests will get acquainted closer with traditions of the masters of each region of Uzbekistan. In the extensive program, a number of interesting musical performances which will help guests to learn more about our solar country is planned.
Besides, locals and city visitors will be able to try the most various national dishes which will prepare the master culinary specialists of Uzbek cuisine. And at the center of an old part of the city the hand-made exhibition sale of products of the national masters will be torn.

Festival of traditional culture "Asrlar Sadosi" ("Echo of centuries")

The festival of Asrlar Sadosi is an annual festival of national traditions and customs, applied art, ethnic cuisine and music which takes place every time in the different cities of Uzbekistan.
Usually, a festival is held in the Spring, in May, and 2 days off for which there are mass fancy-dress festivities to songs, dances, national games and competitions which are organized under the open sky last.Annually, a festival brings together more than one thousand participants: folklore collectives, handicraftsmen, athletes, musicians, cooks, etc. Also, tens of thousands of the viewers - tourists and residents of Uzbekistan. For two days of the city, street turn into huge east market on which it is possible to buy silk fabrics, magnificent carpets, fragrant spices, figured ceramics, and also to endeavour to cook national Uzbek dishes: golden pilaf, juicy shish kebabs, the samsa melting in the mouth and, of course, the Uzbek bread – the toasted and crackling flat cakes.
The main organizer of this festival is the Fund Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan. For the first time, the Asrlar Sadosi festival was held in 2008 near Shakhrisabz. Since 2009, the Asrlar Sadosi festival began to be held in cooperation with UNESCO: two festival days were organized in the Tashkent region.In 2010, a festival took place in Khiva, in the territory of a historical monument Ichan-Kala, in 2011 - in Bukhara, in 2012 a fortified city of Toprak-Kala in Karakalpakstan and it became the venue of a festival. In 2013, Asrlar sadosi-2013 passed in the Navoiy region near the gorge Sarmish-Say. By tradition, it developed within these six years in days of a festival organizers hold round tables, seminars and master classes in culture, environmental problems, development of national art to which experts, scientists and the international guests are invited.
In conclusion, on the second day of a festival of all its participants and audience expects a final gala concert of folklore music at which on-stage performance groups from all regions of the republic perform.