Luxury tour

Our tour packages are tailored to visit the largest number of attractions for a pleasant toy, selecting good hotels exclusively of the middle class, but we are always happy to help you competently make the trip to achieve its maximum comfort to the smallest detail. Individual transfer by car of premium class, suites, special guide or assistant.

Non-standard excursion routes or private parties in luxury apartments of your favorite city. We will help make your holiday worthy!
This is a holiday in which a personal chauffeur will take you directly to the plane and to the hotel, and while you will enjoy champagne and fruits, your luggage will already be in the room. While you are thinking about how you want to spend the night - a restaurant with amazing cuisine, we will take care of all the formalities, transport, excursions and dinners in the best restaurants. A personal assistant organizes you a massage or a SPA-procedure, or a golf course, as well as a museum, theaters, will ensure that your wishes are fulfilled in a timely manner.
Contact us, we will send you a choice of several options for routes.
What can I add to your individual tour in the style of Luxury?
Golf. There is everything in Tashkent, including an 18-hole golf course! The Tashkent Lakeside Golf Club is the international championship golf course, the first in Central Asia and just 15 minutes from the city center. There is also a tennis court, swimming pool, restaurant and hotel on site.
Recreation zones in the mountains. Pearl of the Western Tien-Shan - Charvak reservoir - blue water, which on summer hot days attracts to itself. The coastline of the reservoir is almost 100 km., And on the half of this length there are many recreation areas, high-level hotels, boarding houses and children's camps. It has a beautiful view of the summits of the Greater and Lesser Chimgan, and other rocky mountains, which are also popular tourist attractions among residents and visitors of the capital.
Getting to the Charvak reservoir is not difficult: just an hour drive by car along the highway from Tashkent and a clean mountain lake is already at your feet. Here you can swim, walk around the surrounding hills and mountains, and also fly a paraglider or ride with a breeze on a scooter, and, of course, see incredible sunrises and sunsets.
Eco Center Jeyran. All 40 km from Bukhara in the Kyzylkum desert, the Aegean center of Jeyran with a threatening number of rare and endangered animals. The desert can seem harsh and unsuitable for life, but a wide choice of flora and fauna makes it its home. In Jayan, ungulate mammals include cucumbers and saigas, Asian wild ass, Bukhara wild sheep, Przewalski's horse and, of course, Jeyran himself - a Persian gazelle. Visitors will learn how plants and animals adapt to the desert and oases of fresh and saline lakes. It is a sanctuary for migratory birds, as well as permanent flocks of ducks, herons, kingfishers and plows and visits to the white-tailed eagles. Here you can find more than 250 species of plants, including Lehmann tulip and Eremurus (desert candle). In spring visitors are invited to feed young animals, to master winter forage in autumn or even help scientists in pursuit of the herd and herd! As always, any of our tours along the Silk Road is available for an extended stay.
Enjoy a picnic in champagne between Bukhara and Samarkand or a traditional Uzbek dinner in an overnight adventure in an exotic luxury yurt.
Visit one of the oldest wineries in the world or enjoy a tasting of local vodkas - a legacy of the Soviet era.
Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites that have for centuries inspired imagination by outstanding archaeologists and historians.
Take a stroll through the magnificent mosques, madrassas, medieval caravan-sheds with graceful arched portals and the glittering tile work of past eras.
Private, curatorial visits to museums and historical sites. Pamper your interests and learn from experts
Create your own 1001 nights in the bustling bazaars of Central Asia! His workshops are famous for jewelry made of silver, gold and semiprecious stones, embossed with silver, brass and copper; Luxurious silks and intricate gold and silk embroideries
Exclusive visits to fabulous collections of carpet and applied art museums in Uzbekistan. Lose yourself among the geometric harmony and luxurious colors of masterpieces, all of which are collectively known as Bukhara, a generous decoration of local Suzani, and enjoy a relaxed visit to the upscale sellers of new and antique works.
Premium seating is your evening for traditional music and dance. Be enthusiastic about the flash and swirling of regional dancers and the haunting melodies of flute, doira and two-stringed pillboxes.
Find yourself in some of the most pristine natural environments on Earth and explore them with local naturalists.
Nukus and the Museum of Forbidden Art in the desert. A visit to the Art Museum in the desert is Savitsky's collection at the Karakalpak Museum in Nukus. Take a stroll on this little-known cultural wealth with an expert and find out about the audacious artist who ventured on Soviet repression in order to save the banned Russian avant-garde works.
Camels and yurts in the desert. In the desert of Kyzylkum there is an ancient fortress - Ayaz-Kala. Next to this fortress there is a lake - Ayaz, which rises like a mirage from the sands. On your camel, join the expedition, and then return to the hearty meal, the night sky full of stars and folk songs in the camp, before a quiet night in a cozy traditional yurt.
Trekking through the Chimgan mountains. Tien Shan has the highest peaks in the world and only from Tashkent, you can start your ascent. From 1 day to Canyon Gulkam up to 5 days through the peaks.
Winter time? Then try heli-skiing on a plentiful pristine powder here.