Visa support

Voyage Deluxe, which is officially licensed travel agency in Uzbekistan provides you with necessary Letter of Invitation (LOI) or visa support to Uzbekistan and gets it approved and stamped by Consulate department in Tashkent.

Visa Support Conditions

We can provide you with visa support free of charge if you book a tour with us or at a discounted rate if you book hotels with us for the entire period of your stay in Uzbekistan. 

If you would like to obtain LOI only, please contact us for further details. 

Please note that additional consular fees are paid at the embassy with your visa application, which may range from $40 up to $240, depending on the length of your stay and the country of your citizenship.

Nationals of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom do not need LOI. 

Due to frequent visa rejections by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we do not provide visa support for citizens of Afghanistan and African countries, except South Africa.

To provide you with the Uzbekistan visa support, we need the following:

1. Passport copy. 

2. Letter of employment. Those who are retired or housewives are not required to submit letter from employer.

3. Application form which will be provided upon your inquiry.

Based on the above information, we will prepare an Uzbekistan visa support application (LOI) and submit it to the Consulate Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan. The approval process takes about 7-10 days (depending on citizenship). Approved visa support application is faxed directly to the embassy or consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan where you plan to obtain your visa. We will send you by e-mail the reference number (telex) of the approved Letter of Invitation, which you would need to provide along with your visa application. 

Please note that Uzbekistan visa is date- and place-specific, you should indicate the dates of your stay in Uzbekistan and city where you plan to collect the visa. For nationals of those countries where there are no Uzbekistan Embassy/Consulate, we can arrange visa at the Tashkent International Airport. In this case we will need your air-ticket copy. Uzbek visa cannot be issued at land borders!

Tourist visa can be issued for 7, 15 and 30 days, single or multiple entries. 

Urgent Visa to Uzbekistan 

Please be informed that we also can provide LOI (Letter of invitation) to Uzbekistan for those who need visa urgently (express service). Usually it takes around 4-5 working days and is subject to double visa fees at the embassy or consulate. 


Holders of tourist visas MUST stay at hotels only! The hotels will provide tourists with registration free.  


Document lists, terms & dates of Visa preparation & Consular fees may be changed according to the regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Voyage Deluxe does not carry responsibility for the non-implementation or timeliness of Visa support by the consular sections of embassies, nor is Voyage Deluxe responsible for Visa rejection.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, our team will always be happy to help you.